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Any questions regarding my art, or even general Q&A can be directed to me via any of the above socials. I encourage e-mail for serious inquiries on commissions, collaborations, business be sent via e-mail. 

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Kat Wegman, otherwise known as Kattastrophe [Art] around the online world, is an artist & illustrator based in New Jersey, USA. While she considers herself to be a traditional artist, she has developed her digital art skills considerably since late 2020 when she began her tenure as a student of The [Joe] Kubert School of Cartooning & Graphic Art. Currently, she is in her second year out of three year curriculum.

Her personal art style is often described as an “East Meets West fusion,” showcasing her lifelong influence from Japanese anime & manga while possessing a splash of inspiration from Western comic books & animation.  It’s a mixture of elements from various favorite series and animated movies from childhood into adulthood.

Currently, she is continuing to improve through The Kubert School’s rigorous program and work on pushing herself past her self-imposed boundaries. Additionally, she is brainstorming bits and pieces of her own personal projects to start gradually working on whenever time allows for it.

At the moment, there is some hope for one or two potential convention appearances in Artist Alley… so keep your eyes peeled for potential announcements.

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