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Please Take Note of the Following:

  • The below pricing does NOT reflect my regular commission pricing. These are on-the-spot, convention style commissions, meaning they are not going to match the quality of my regular work & commissions. These are done within a limited amount of time- no more, no less. 

  • These are being done as though this is a convention setting, meaning I will take a loose idea/concept from you and go to town with it the best I can.

  • As the artist, I will determine which shot I'll be going with (head, 3/4 or full body) for the most part. I may ask for some specifics from you regarding little details or accents, though.

  • A list of requests will be getting compiled over the course of the stream. Do NOT make a payment until I indicate to do so, or you have indicated to myself and/or my mod team that you will need to pay in advance.

  • The below pricing does consider shipping in the cost. 

The below rates are exclusive to the Twitch stream taking place on 22 February 2022 and are not to be utilized at any later date as a reference point for my pricing. This page & the pricing provided is intended specifically to begin raising funds for the necessary equipment to run tables at a select number of conventions in Summer 2022. 

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4X6 OR 5X7



$5.00+ (USD)

Pencils only - $10

Inked - +$10

These requests limited to head/bust shots due to the dimensions of the cards.

$10+ (USD)

Pencils only - $15

Inked - +$15

Color - +$15

Limited to 3/4 body, bust, and head shots. Full body cannot be guaranteed.

$30 (USD)

Pencils only - $30

Inked - +$30

Color - +$25-$30

Any body view will be doable with this size.

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