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  • The Artist reserves the right to decline a commission.

  • All commissions are for personal use only & not to be used for commercial or monetary gain. (*)

  • The Artist does not do rushed or short deadlines. If I have a specific deadline, I will disclose said deadline to The Artist upon inquiry.

  • All commissions are subject to be streamed on The Artist's Twitch channel, so long as they abide by Twitch ToS. The Client reserves the right to opt out of their artwork being streamed.

  • Alterations exceeding the included limit (two) or complete re-work of a sketch exceeding the included limit (one) are subject to additional fees unless otherwise agreed upon.

  • Any commission costing $50USD or under requires full payment to be made before work will begin.

  • A minimum, non-refundable(**) deposit of 50% is required up-front on commissions exceeding $50USD.

  • Payment is done via PayPal. It is free and safe to use.

  • Any payment or deposit is NOT to to be made until The Artist contacts The Client and details of the commission have been agreed upon.

  • ​In the case of a deposit being made, failure to make final payment is grounds for further work on the commission to discontinue.

  • The Artist reserves the right to share and post the finished commission on the social media.

  • The Client is not to post or share the commissioned artwork without clear crediting of The Artist. Crediting is to include a link to KATTASTROPHE.COM or TWITCH.TV/KATTASTROPHEART

* If you are seeking to commission for commercial work, please contact The Artist via e-mail ( - subject: Commercial Commission) for additional fee cost & regarding details.

** Deposit will be refunded in the event of extenuating circumstances on either The Artist's or Client's side. 

Commission Terms: Resume
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