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If you're seeking to commission a piece of art from me, look no further. While I specialize in humanoid characters, I don't necessarily shy away from animals/creatures as evidenced in my portfolio. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me. Contact information is on the About page.

Commissions: Text


Pencils. Inks. Color.

Portraits. Bust/Waist. Full body.

While I do specialize in creating traditionally drawn illustrations, I am more than able to also create them digitally. 

I predominantly do character art, though I am able to tackle creating portraits of animals and critters alike. 


Default paper/canvas size is 9x12 inches.

  • Sketch Commission:
          $50 for portrait/waist
          $75 for full body

  • + $25 for additional character

  • + $50 for inks

  • + $50 for color (traditional or digital)

  • + $25 - $75 for background, depending on level of complexity/detail

These are approximate starting prices based on 9x12 page size. For an accurate estimate on your desired commission, contact me.



  • As the artist I reserve the right to decline a commission for any reason.

  • All commissions are for personal use only. Commercial work will include an additional fee & needs to be disclosed.

  • I do not do rushed deadlines.

  • Commissions are highly likely to be streamed on my Twitch channel unless the Client wishes it not be.

  • The Client is permitted one alteration/re-work of the sketch. Any additional alterations will require additional fees.

  • Payment is done via PayPal only at this time. Do not make any payment until I request it. 50% of the total cost will need to be paid before I begin work on your commission.

Commissions: Collections
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